Me and My Family

   My name is Maricel Sadiarin and I am a LuLaRoe Addict!! I absolutely love the brand and love showing others why I LOVE it so much!  I just have to say that first and foremost.  I am a Native San Diegan that lives in the North County area.  Bobby(LuLaBro Bobby) and I have a little baby girl named Lily and a Pitbull named Silly Pants Jackson.  This is my family and I love them more than anything.

This is the question that everyone asks in the LuLa world.  "What got you hooked?"  For me it was the Julia dress!! I fell in love with Julia while I was pregnant.  It fit perfectly and it made me feel like a million bucks!

I became a retailer in November of 2016.  I have loved all of the ladies I have met and the business I have grown.  Being a business owner is empowering and I cannot think of any other business Id rather be a part of.

When Im not being the CEO Im probably playing with Lily, at the beach or finding a new restaurant to fall in love with! My Dad taught me this and I live my life by it now:

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"


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